Ten Easy Essay Writing Rules


Essay writing might be one of the toughest tasks students have to do in college. Even though they seem complex, writing an essay actually helps you improve your skills and expand your knowledge on the subject. Most students view essay writing as boring or daunting. They might feel like they won’t be able to write a perfect essay, which negatively affects their self-esteem. But no one expects to read a perfect essay. Instead, teachers will look for a few items. If you feel that you cannot cope with this task, you can get help from a custom essay writing service. But before that, read these ten simple essay writing rules that can make the whole process easier.

1. Legible Essays

One of the things you need to keep in mind is to write a readable essay. Many students forget that professors have a trained eye for reading essays. Most of the time they will skim the text and see if you followed the requirements and understood the topic. It is therefore important to write an easy to read essay.

2. Structured Ideas

Another rule of essay writing is to carefully structure and organize your ideas. When reading the essay, everything should go smoothly. Ideas should be organized logically and clearly so that understanding the main points of your essay is easy. Avoid mixing things and information, it will reduce the clarity of your essay.

3. Explore the possibilities

When writing an essay, one of the things you need to include is a thesis statement. Usually the subject is given and you have to form an opinion on it. Then, to back it up with arguments, facts, statistics, etc. It is important not to limit yourself the first time. Explore all possibilities and consider yourself a journalist. Study the subject and become aware of its peculiarities.

4. Present both sides

On a given subject, you will surely form an opinion after a good research. However, many students choose to focus solely on presenting their opinion. Of course, there is another side to the coin, and mentioning a few things about it and presenting it will complete your essay.

5. Keep a dictionary near you

Many students want to impress their teachers, so they choose to use fluffy, fancy words to show they know them. But often students use these words incorrectly because they assume they know what they mean. It is important to keep a dictionary close to you and to check the explanation of words you are unsure of.

6. Include examples

When you express your point of view on a given subject, you must support it with arguments. You can find many statistics and facts in your research, but including examples will make your essay more powerful. But keep in mind that these examples should be related to the topic and illustrate your point. Use examples wisely to create a compelling essay.

7. Paragraph Transitions

Another rule of essay writing is to use transitions. These make it easier to flow your ideas and make the transition between paragraphs clear. Transition words can help you introduce a new topic or present a different point. At the same time, they help you better organize your ideas and better connect the ideas presented.

8. Follow requirements and guidelines

Many students feel lost in some of the final stages of writing an essay. They don’t know how to format the essay. Well, remember that your teacher will give you requirements and guidelines to follow. Among them, there should be some formatting rules listed which you should follow.

9. Editing and proofreading

After writing your essay, things are not over. You’ve completed most of the steps in the writing process, but you should pay equal attention to the later ones. Writing and proofreading is an essential step that should not be overlooked. No matter how much attention you have invested in the writing process, there may be typos or grammatical errors that you are unaware of. Thus, proofreading your essay, editing it, and proofreading it are essential for you to submit an error-free essay.

10. Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the aspects that could get you a low grade. Plagiarism is not accepted in academia because presenting someone else’s ideas as your own is neither moral nor ethical. Try to avoid plagiarism in your essay.


Writing an essay can seem difficult and intimidating, but these ten simple rules can help you create a powerful and compelling essay. Just follow the guidelines and plan the whole process carefully. Things will run smoothly if you follow these 10 simple rules of essay writing.


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